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Our story

ECHT is an innovative and fresh active wear apparel company specializing in affordable performance and leisure-based apparel. We keep our active wear fresh and new with our designs team creating fun, sleek and original designs– releasing new styles almost every week!

At ECHT our motto is Engineered for the Modern Day Athlete -a motto which we believe in and work towards everyday by providing boundless clothing that can be worn throughout the day – from the gym to brunch to the shops without compromising on comfort, durability or style.

ECHT is based in Melbourne Australia and have grown exponentially over the last couple of years shipping to over 50 countries to our loyal fans and new customers.


Founded in 2014 by Jeremy Lay, the ECHT brand has grown exponentially from his single bedroom to one of the leaders in Australian gym wear. Jeremy’s innovative approach to designing and creating a wardrobe for the modern day athlete has driven him to not only grow the brand but make ECHT a household name.

Not only is ECHT an Australian gym wear brand, it is a lifestyle that has captured the attention of a diverse audience who embodies the key value of being a modern day athlete. Based in Melbourne, Australia ECHT now ships to over 50 countries and has loyal fans globally.

And, ECHT has only just begun! With plans to expand and innovate further into different areas of athleisure, it’s no wonder the brand is ready to help people be the best version of themselves in ECHT active wear.

Engineered for the Modern Day Athlete
Run Faster. Lift Stronger. Live Better

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